TENS nerve stimulator

Pain has many causes, and unfortunately not all of them can be cured. There are many people who experience chronic pain and who have to live with this pain for the rest of their lives.
This is where the i-Pulz TENS device comes in. 

TENS: pain relief

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a method of pain treatment where electrical pulses are sent to the nerves in order to "distract" the nerve. This interferes with the nerve's function to deliver the pain signal to the brain, and thus results in (complete) reduction of pain sensation on the treated area. TENS therapy can be used for acute and chronic pains, and pain-syndroms.

TENS therapy with an i-Pulz is a symptomatic treatment that suppresses the pain sensation, ideal for those people who suffer from incurable pains. Even extensive long-term stimulation is not harmful to the body nor does it cause any side effects. 

The i-Pulz

The i-Pulz is easy to use and is the smallest digital TENS device available. 

The i-Pulz is a two-channel nerve stimulator. Both channels work independently from one another and do not influence each other. This means that two different patterns of stimulation can be used at the same time. You can also use just one of the channels if this is preferred. The i-Pulz will always start up with the last selected program.


When you flip open the i-Pulz stimulator, the buttons and display will become visible. You can set up all programs and settings using the buttons. The display clearly highlights the programs and settings of the i-Pulz. When the buttons aren't used for several seconds, the automatic key lock will activate. This is to prevent any accidental changes in the settings of the device. The i-Pulz also has a timer function which determines your prefered duration of the selected program. 

Attachment clip

On the rear side of the TENS device you can find an attachment clip. This clip is easily used to attach the i-Pulz to your trousers, skirt or belt.


Tens therapy makes use of special conductive electrodes that need to be placed on the skin. In order to cater for most skin types we have a wide range of different types of electrodes for you to choose from.