Handheld electronic magnifier

The Looky+ will allow you to read text and look at photos and comes with a magnification range of 2 times up to 20 times. The Looky+ also allows the user to read in different color modes and also incorporates a superior contrast ratio. 

The Looky+

A small, electronic handheld magnifier weighing only 200 grams, the Looky+ is the lightest device of its kind.

Always a clear view

With the Looky+ the picture is always sharp and you can read the text perfectly. The Looky+ has a photo mode and 5 different reading modes. You can even use the Looky on shiny surfaces.

Special freeze function

The Looky+ is the only small handheld magnifier which is equipped with a freeze frame function. This enables the user to freeze the text or picture on the LCD screen, it as simple as taking a photograph. This is easy to take a snap shot of a price in the supermarket. After you have taken the snap shot you can literally check the price with holding the Looky+ closer to your eyes.


With the Looky+ it is easy to write your signature or make short notes. You can place the handle in a special position and look while you write.

Where can I use the Looky+?

The Looky+ is ideal for use at home but also an indispensable aid when going out.

A Handy Carrying Case

Specifically for the Looky+, Rehan Electronics has the perfect carrying case. It can be easily connected to your belt or fitted easily into your bag. You will also receive a free key-cord with the Looky+ so you can carry it around your neck.