Acuity Basic

Electronic magnifier

The Acuity is a high-end Electronic Desktop Magnifier from Rehan Electronics. A device with a good design, a brilliant 22” screen, and a FullHD (1080p) camera. Suitable to display text or images and even able to OCR a full A4 document to speak out loud.

The Acuity is provided with a Full HD (1080p) camera and display as standard, giving the user a very sharp and stable image along with a very wide viewing angle. The XY-table offers space for A3 reading material and incorporates our unique Magnetic Lines technology, ensuring the reader will never lose track of their text.

The device switches to Speech mode with a simple switch and can read the text aloud. It automatically recognizes the languages, so it will pronounce the words with the correct voice. 

For use in the office environment, for example, the external HDMI input can be used to use the Acuity as a computer screen. The Acuity has even the ability to apply High contrast colours over this image.