Looky 10

Handheld electronic magnifier

The Looky 10 is the latest addition to the much loved Looky Family of portable handheld magnifiers.

Incorporating a superb 10.1” display, the Looky 10 produces crystal clear Full HD (1080p) images. The Looky 10 is the ideal 2 in 1 Magnifier as it bridges the gap between the smaller screen portable devices and the larger fixed Screen desktop systems in one portable package.

The Looky 10 is packed with useful features including:

  • Fold out Integrated Stand creating the optimum reading angle for the user
  • Live Panning which allows the user to explore live text and images without moving the device
  • Excellent Distance view feature which will allow the user to view train timetables etc.
  • Mirror/Self View feature which will enable the user to do your hair or make-up