Looky 5

Handheld electronic magnifier

The Looky 5 incorporates a bright, vibrant and intuitive touch screen producing superb crystal clear images and exceptional brightness utilising the touch interface on the 5-inch screen.

While embracing the future, we have been careful not to lose sight of the features that made previous Looky models so successful. With this in mind, we have still retained the handle, which now has a dual purpose: the handle also contains the battery. The handle can be easily removed for your convenience when the Looky 5 is not in use, and also replaced once the battery eventually depletes. The handle system allows you to bring along an extra charged handle as a backup if you require it.

All new models in 2018 feature internal memory. This internal memory allows the user to save and recall up to 20 images for easy reviewing of reading material.

The Looky 5 is the most advanced yet simple-to-use portable magnifier on the market and incorporates many other exciting features in one compact and sleek design.

Rehan Electronics takes great care to manufacture our products sustainably and environmentally friendly. All products are produced and tested in our eco-friendly facility based in Co-Wicklow, Ireland. Our facility is designed to be a low carbon construction with an emphasis on natural materials, occupant health and energy efficiency.

"Since I have the Looky 5 I can go and get my own groceries once again!"