Questions about Electronic Magnifiers

Answers to your questions

What is an electronic magnifier?

An electronic magnifier consists of a monitor and a camera with a reading table.

How does an electronic magnifier work?

Place your viewing material on the tableau - this can be a piece of text (both handwriting and print can be viewed) or a photograph. This material will be enlarged on the screen.

CCTV's have multiple modes in which the device can be used, such as multiple high contrast modes that are ideal for reading texts. These high contrast modes increase the contrast to incredibly high levels, making the letters clearly legible. It's also possible to choose different colours for the text and/or background while reading. Apart from the high contrast modes, CCTV's also contain a so-called photograph mode with which you can view photographs and images in bright colours. 

Where can an electronic magnifier be used?

An electronic magnifier can be used at home, at work or at school - amongst other locations of course.